Butt Fuzz

So, I haven’t written in a few days–I just wasn’t really pissed off about anything, so didn’t feel like it.  But, now I’m back, with Butt Fuzz.

So, I went to see Passengers yesterday with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.  Now, Chris Pratt is always nice to look at, and he has two very nice butt shots in the film, so if the film had been terrible, those still would have made it worth the $8.50.  However, the film was quite good, so the butt shots were just an added bonus.

So, as I’m feasting on the beauty that is Chris Pratt’s behind, a strange thought occurs to me–does he have butt fuzz?  Then, as I was driving home, I started thinking about the other actors I enjoy seeing scantily clad, and again, I thought–do they have butt fuzz?

So, in reality, we all have butt fuzz.  It’s just a part of being human.  But, when I have seen butts onscreen, they seem to be fuzz free.  The camera picks up leg fuzz and arm fuzz, why not butt fuzz?

So, then I wondered.  Do they wax their butts?  Or is it photo-shop/CGI?  If it’s waxing, I want to talk to that waxer.  If it’s photo-shop/CGI, can I have that job?  Although I’m not a computer whiz, I would learn whatever necessary if my sole purpose was to remove fuzz from actor’s behinds.  Imagine that credit in a film.

So, next time I watch a movie with a gratuitous (or not) butt shot, trust me, I will look for the butt fuzz.


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