A student made me cry

Sorry I’ve been gone a few days, but had a hectic week and didn’t want to do anything when I got home but put my feet up.  But I’ll be dong triple writing tonight, for what it’s worth.

So, it’s that time of year–the end of the semester.  My students are starting to realize that they may actually fail for the semester, and many are desperately trying to get in work and slide by with that 65%.

I teach college classes to high school students.  Meaning, we are in a high school, but they are taking a college class for both high school and college credit.  Kids who do all the college courses can graduate with both a diploma and an associates degree.  It’s a pretty good deal–I think.  However, a lot of kids who are really bright don’t really know how to deal with that kind of workload, and I have a handful that have struggled all semester.  If they fail at the end of this next week, they not only don’t get credit for their high school course (they have to repeat that semester), but they also have an F on a college transcript.  It’s a bit of a bummer, and some of them are in shock.

I had one young man who has been struggling all semster, and just couldn’t get it together. He failed his midterm last week, and it’s very unlikley he will pass for the semester.  After I had posted his midterm grade, I got an email from him the next morning that simply said, “Mrs. ——-, I think I failed.  I’m sorry.”

I broke into tears in the car.  So often, students come storming into my classroom, demanding to know why their grade is so low.  So few acknowledge that they are to blame for their failure.  So few are willing to take responsibility for their lack of effort and would rather place the blame on me.  This young man renewed my faith in my job with two short sentences.  I am doing everything in my power to make sure he gets that D, so at least he won’t have to repeat the 1st semester.

I will smile a little brighter when he walks across the stage in June and his name will be in my short list of those who make me keep going on those hard days.


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