I love Glee!

So how many of you out there watched Glee? You know, that goofy show with a bunch of kids breaking into song at random times? I loved that show when it was on for so many reasons.  I was rewatching it today, and was reminded of how much I love it!

First,  those kids are me.  I was that nerdy girl in choir who desperately wanted to be a star on Broadway–I was Rachel Berry.  I didn’t have a Kurt, at least not in high school, but I can empathize with Rachel.  For me, like those kids on Glee, choir and theatre were my second family.  I loved my choir teacher, and my theatre teacher.  We went through everything together.

Second, I see these kids in my students.  I have taught drama for years, and I see my kids, who are outcasts everywhere else, finally be themselves when they’re with my group.  They truly shine in what they love.

Third, I want to live in a world where I can randomly break out into song anytime, anywhere, and no one will look at me weird–in fact, they will join in an a really cool dance number behind me as the wind machine begins to blow.

Fourth, it introduced its viewers to all different songs, from all different places.  Broadway, R&B, 60s, 70s, 80s.  Everything is game, and everything works.

Fifth, it’s just silly.  While it did deal with some serious issues–teen pregnancy, bullying, suicide, gay rights–it’s all clothed in silly situations and fun songs–and passes time so quickly, and so well.

Sixth–it just makes me happy.

And what better reason to watch tv.



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